January 02, 2022 1 min read 0 Comments

Danielle and Samiah Pasha are the founders of The Beat House Cosmetics company that opened on Juneteenth earlier this year. The beauty brand offers an assorted collection of color eye shadow palettes, lipsticks, false eyelashes, and more. While Danielle serves as the brainchild and founder of the company, she enlisted the help of her 14-year-old daughter, Samiah, to work as the interim CEO while she was deployed in Afghanistan for three years.

“I am so blown away by all of the positive feedback I have received from everyone, it’s so surreal,” says Danielle in an interview with Black News. “I remember Facetiming my daughter, giving her instructions and tasks to help me out with the business in my absence and now we are partners!”

Samiah says while the job was hard, she was happy to have a chance to work with her mother, who also has a love for makeup, on her brand. “Most teenagers are irritated by their parents and wouldn’t dare want to work with them—I’m still irritated at times,” says Samiah in an interview with Black News. “But I remember missing my mom and not knowing when I would see her again, so I enjoy every second we get to spend together. Besides, I absolutely love makeup.”